Weekend Riddle, 27.9.2019

06 Oct

Weekend Riddle:
The Jewish New Year is Pomegranate season, and in our Botanical Garden there are several Pomegranate trees laden with fruit.

we’re looking at the Pomegranate fruit, and our riddle is: how do the pomegranates differ from most of the other fruit we eat?

Riddle’s solution:
In most of the edible fruit, the edible juicy pulp surrounds the dry seeds. you can see this in oranges, peaches, apples and others. the pomegranate has a dry fruit – but the seeds are juicy and edible!
you’re welcome to visit the garden, enjoy the pomegranate fruit as well as many other fruit, and also enjoy the autumn blossom!

The weekend riddle is published in Facebook every Friday noon, the solution is published in Facebook on the following Sunday, together with the publication on this site.